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At the edge of the forest, we built a home like they used to be built, with the stone of the mountains and the hardwood of the forest. We coexist with the jungle and its inhabitants, like communities here have always done.

This is a very solitary place. It is an 800 metre walk from the road, down a narrow trail on a forested hillside. We do not have electricity. We chop our wood and cook over a wood fire.

You are in Devabhoomi, the abode of the Gods. You can renew your acquaintance with them, and with yourself.

You are in reserve forest, where pine gives way to oak and rhododendron. You can wander amongst them.

After sunset, the fire will keep you both warm and safe. This is leopard and wild boar territory, and the next home is a distant light twinkling down in the valley.


If this thrills you, do spend a day, or even a few nights, with us at our forest home.

videos of the forest home..

photos from 2020-21


The well-known hill stations, Ranikhet and Almora, are 2-3 hours away; you would have driven through Ranikhet on your way up. Dwarahat, the last little town you had crossed, has a rich history.

Many small and beautiful shrines are located nearby.  They are without the crowds that throng their more famous counterparts.

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