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Welcome home. Welcome to Kumaon.

Nature here is supreme.

For the Kumaoni, life is simple, and tough.

For the visitor, solitude is the only extravagance on offer.

If this sounds like heaven to you, welcome to QR.

Before you proceed further, please read the important instructions below.

morning chai


1. You will be living with a family as their guests. There are no servants. Please do not ask them to clean your car, or to fetch hot water at odd hours. Do not offer tips.

2. Our specialty is Kumaoni cuisine cooked by your hostess from organic, fresh produce. We are not a restaurant.

The kitchen is functioning only in the usual mealtimes.

Chicken and muton have to be brought from Dwarahat, so let us know in advance.

3. This is a remote and forested area. Electricity, water supply and cellphone/internet connectivity are all erratic in the village home, and nonexistent in the forest cabin. 

Respect nature. You are always close to wild animals and steep slopes here. Follow your hosts instructions carefully.

Bring hiking shoes and clothes. The walks and the views will be more enjoyable.

first impressions..

the best of 2021 in photos

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