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By road

We are 400 km, and 11-12 hours, from Delhi. The hill stretch of 120 km can be started from Haldwani or Ramnagar, and takes 5 hours. The climb from Ramnagar is mostly on a 'single' road, and can be difficult for an inexperienced hill driver. The drive from Haldwani is easier, though traffic can be heavy.

By train

Kathgodam, adjoining Haldwani, is our railhead. The Delhi-Kathgodam Shatabdi (12040) is the fastest, starting at 6.20 A.M. and arriving in 5 1/2 hours. The Ranikhet Express (15013) offers a convenient overnight option.

Taxis can be hired for the rest of the journey in the hills.

Pant Nagar is the nearest airstrip.

Thirty years ago, you would have to walk through the forests like these women, to get here. Now, it is a magical drive on looping roads past quaint towns and hill villages.

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