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O my love..

Do not get distracted by the awkward slow-motion sequence...

My friend was born and grew up in this village in Kumaon. For many years now, he lives and works in Delhi. He is also a singer, and the gentle melody and rhythm of his people and his hills plays out in his songs.

He is the guy singing as the sun sets.

I asked him to explain to me what he was singing about, and this is what he wrote:

Tu meri hikai ma’ – you are in my heart.

There is this beautiful hill at my home, with ancient stone mines and green trees.

And when you climb it, the views of the mountain peaks all around are so alluring.

My love, you are like this hill, with so much beauty hidden within.

My love, just like this hill, you too are hidden in my heart.

My love, like the beauty of these hills, you too will forever be in my heart.’

If you liked this snippet, you can see more songs by Bhuvan Fulara on his YouTube channel: Pahadi Music Present.

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