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We do a delicate spring... till we do the burans red.

White, pink, a dash of yellow. and a bright sun in clear skies - that is spring in Kumaon. Nothing loud.

At most, a touch of marigold or bronze...

And then, in February-March, blooms the rhododendron, burans.

And then we do the burans red.

This picture is not mine: I have taken it from the 'Exotic Uttarakhand' Fb page.

Don't be fooled by it.

In reality, the burans tree hides on the steepest slopes, peeps from behind the densest oaks.

its sprinkles the far hillside, splash of red on canvas of green.

Not the red of the Semal of the terai, towering, leafless, screaming, look at me.

The burans is shy. It whispers, look for me.

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