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The Englishman's style

QR is all about a minimalist hill life. Its beauty is its immersion in nature.

But there has been another way that beautiful living has been visualized in these parts. It was born in the dreams of the English Saheb, who sought out these hill stations, far from the heat and dust and crowds of the plains.

Here, he built gracious bungalows on solitary hilltops, with solid wood floors, gabled roofs and fireplaces and chimneys.

They were grand, but not grandiose. They lived in style, a style whose very appreciation within us is a lingering legacy of our colonial past.

Here, one can easily slip into a reverie. How he wandered these woods on horseback. How he gazed at the misty hills and yearned for his home that he knew he would never return to.

A few such hauntingly lovely places remain in family hands, lovingly maintained in their original condition.

And when the wife refuses to rough it out with me in my forest cabin, I give all of us a treat by spending a few days here. anyway, being here on Independence Day was too delicious an irony to miss out on!

I won't tell you where this is: that will totally spoil the pleasure of finding it for yourselves.

Kumaon is lovely all year round. In the rains, these vistas greet you from your balcony. In the winters, Trishul and Nanda Devi, now hidden behind these clouds, seem but an arms length away.

In Kumaon, its possible to be stylish in very different ways!

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1 Kommentar

Anandi Lal
Anandi Lal
20. Aug. 2022

We have roughed out with you.

We deserve to enjoy the Englishmen's luxury.

Is it Abbot Mount?

Been around that area Lohaghat/Champawat long long ago.

Gefällt mir
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