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Rainy drives in Kumaon

Imagine that you are driving to my place in the rains.

Rolling green hills. Gently winding roads. No traffic, after Ranikhet.

You are listening to the rain pattering on the car roof. You realize you have turned off the stereo an hour ago.

You can stop anywhere, and it's a photoshoot.

The clouds are sometimes above you. Sometimes you are above the clouds.

If I told you that behind those clouds rise the icy peaks of Nanda Devi and Trishul, and they will seem like in touching distance in the clear season, you will not be able to imagine it, however much you try.

You hardly notice how the day has passed, till you make a turn and drive bang into a sunset.

You reach, settle down and sit outside your room. Silent valleys fall away, and beyond them shine the lights of Ranikhet. you drove through it just two hours ago, but that too seems hard to believe now.

And you wake up in the morning, and see that you were sitting on the edge of a giant bowl of hills, filled to the brim with clouds.

Just imagine..

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