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man, animal... baagh!

Wherever Man has gone, he has fought and subjugated the habitat. His towns and cities now retain no trace of this struggle. But even today, at the edges of the forest, nature and its denizens contest the boundaries.

This contest is played out most dramatically between the old and new top predator - the resident big cat, and the hunter man. In the forests and villages of Kumaon, the leopard - 'baagh', is lord and king. I consider my home to be both the man-village and the leopard-jungle. I love and respect this magnificent animal, but have no desire to have myself or someone from my village dragged by the neck into the forest, either.

This is raw nature. All babudom, all seminars - all count for nothing when you are face to face with the 'baagh'.

This video was shot in Jalli, a few kilometres from Ganoli, in June 2021. I thank Prakash for sharing it with me.

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