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how qr happened..

I stumbled upon this hidden nook that is now our forest cabin some fifteen years ago.

A staff member in our hospital invited me to Ganoli, his village. There, I met Kailash, and he took me to Qurai, and I was hooked.

He had kept his small homestead at Qurai alive, and the forest had taken back everything else. I spent many wondrous days and nights at his thatched home.

In 2010, we began building this cabin. There were only a few artisans left who could still chisel rocks and build the walls, block upon stone block.

We had the rafters made from the hardwood of the jungle. This was how homes here were built a generation ago.

I have invited a few friends and family members here, over these ten or more years. Most of them were blown away, just as I was when I first came here.

Last year, in 2020, we decided to share it with likeminded guests. we built in the required amenities, and qr was born.

Kailash has taken good care of me and my cabin. Today, he is also your host.

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